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Top 5 Headphones under $100

With so many options in the high end headphone market some may think you can only get great quality form headphones in the $100+ market. Well I can assure you that that is not true. Their are many models and brands that produce great sounding, durable and comfortable headphones under $100.

Skullcandy – Hesh 2 Unleashed Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones

skullcandy-wireless-headphonesThe Skullcandy Hesh 2’s are impressive regardless of the under $100 price tag. Skullcandy in my opinion are very underrated and provide a competitive build and sound quality at reasonable prices. The Hesh 2’s are bluetooth and can last up to 15 hours of audio playback. Whether you are listening to hip hop, rock or classical the Hesh 2’s are diverse. The leather ear pillows are comfortable and you will not notice they are on your head for long periods of time. Noise Isolating is a benefit and when I have these on I really do not hear the outside world. The positioning of the buttons on the headset make them easier to navigate (the plus sign and negative sign shape makes it easy to differentiate the buttons without actually seeing them.). If the 15 hour battery happens to run out you are also given a 3.5mm microphone cable.

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Beats by Dr. Dre – Beats EP Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre - Beats EP HeadphonesWhile the Beats line has  a lot of overpriced headphones for the quality the Beats EP are not one of them. Priced at under $100 these wired headphones actually have much better quality than their price. They are equipped with fine-tuned acoustics for clarity and in depth listening. The Beats EP are reinforced with a lightweight stainless steel design. Like majority of headphones they are equipped with a mic for phone calls and buttons for track and volume selection. I also like the minimalist design of the headphone. If you are big Beats head but don’t want to spend a lot these are a great option.

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Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones II

Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones IIBose lives up to their price for pretty much any audio product they produce. Even if you don’t have Bose money you can still get the Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones II at a great price. These go on sale off and on again but have been under the $100 price for a while now. They are slimmer and come in new colors compared to their predecessors.  While they do not have the active noise cancelling technology like their other models do they still do a great job at noise isolation. These wired headphones also are built with that classic Bose comfort. Equipped with a softly padded headband and memory-foam ear cushions.

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Sennheiser HD558 – Audiophile Over-the-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser - Audiophile Over-the-Ear HeadphonesSennheiser has put out a lot of quality headphones for great prices for years. The Sennheiser HD558’s are however one of their most popular headphones to date. They are equipped with a Neodymium ferrous magnet for sound reinforcement. The lightweight aluminum voice coils allow high efficiency and excellent dynamics. Other features on the inside are 112db sensivity and a 15Hz-28kHZ frequency response. These headphones just provide an overall good sound quality not too heavy on the bass or mids. 

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Audio-Technica – ATH-M40x Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica - ATH-M40x Monitor HeadphonesThe Audio-Technica ATH M40X really strive for an overall balanced sounds with this model. They can be used a monitor headphones for those on a budget and have a 90 degree swiveling ear cups for easy 1-ear monitoring.  They are collapsible and have a detachable cable for easy portability and storage. 

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