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Sennheiser Announces New TV Headphones

If you aren’t happy with the sound quality of of your current TV set up Sennheiser may be able to help you. The headphone company just announced the RS2000, RS5000 and Flex 5000 that will allow listeners to wireless listen to their TV in Sennheiser quality.

Sennheiser Announces New TV HeadphonesAll three models have a wireless transmitter that that plugs into your TV. The headphones have a wireless receiver that pick up on that signal giving the listener a cordless quality sound experience. The Flex 5000 comes with the transmitter and a very basic pair of earbuds (MX 475 Earphones) that plug into the receiver. You can use any of your wired headphones with this model.  The RS2000 and RS5000 come with both transmitter and headphones built in with a wireless receiver. The Flex 5000 and RS5000 both come with the ability to add sound profiles for TV, Movies or Music.

This is idea for those that aren’t satisfied with their current TV listening experience. It also helps keep the peace if you have a roommate or significant that is tired of your late night TV watching.

They work with Digital and Analog TVs and have up to a 30 m range. You will get about 12 hours of playing time through the wireless transmitter.


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