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Pryma Headphones are a fashion statement


Design and attractiveness are a key factor in today’s headphone market. We have seen headphones incorporate elements like wood, leather and other luxury materials to really make their headphones stand out. Pryma headphones are a fashion statement all on their own. Mixing run way fashion with quality material and sound engineering, Pryma headphones are just as much as a visual accessory as they are an audio accessory.

pryma headphones are a fashion statement

The Design

The headband belt strap is made out of genuine high quality Italian leather with a breathable microfiber interior. The buckle itself is made out of copper and stainless steel. It really holds the whole design together and is my favorite part about these headphones in regards to design.

The Pryma’s are made with light weight aluminum with a fingerprint proof nickel coating. The cushions are detachable for replacement purposes and feel comfortable on the ears.

The Presentation

Like the headphones, the packaging is very stylish works with the ‘high-class’ image they are portraying. You get the detachable auxiliary cable with a carrying case. Once you put all of the pieces together you get a solid and style headphones.

pryma headphones are a fashion statement

When it comes to sound they provide a good amount of power and bass for those that like the low end. The mids and highs are crisp but the overall sound is more bass heavy. While I do believe there are better sounding headphones under $500 the Pryma are original and are more for those fashion driven.

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