MEE audio delivers style and sound with Matrix3

Some of you may or may not be familiar with Mee audio and that is ok. With the competitiveness of the headphones market it is sometimes difficult to locate a quality brand that is not a house hold item already. I can assure you however that Mee audio’s Matrix3’s should be on your radar if you are looking for a quality wireless headphone with style and at a descent price.

The Features

The Mee audio Matrix3’s are the 3rd installment of Mee audio’s Matrix line. They are wireless and have a battery life up to 28 hours for high resolution listening. The battery life is impressive considering most headphones have under 20 hours of listening time. They are also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology and have the option for a wired connection.  You can also take phone calls with their high quality microphone. The intuitive controls allow you to seamlessly go from controlling music playback to taking phone calls.

The Sound

The Matrix3’s are equipped with 40mm moving coil drivers. This helps deliver balance and great clarity. They may sound muddy to some while others may not notice. If you are looking for strong bass this may not be for you. However genres that are focused more on mids and treble will find these headphones adequate.


The Design

The headphones are both lightweight and compact. The ear pads are constructed of high-grade memory foam and wrapped in ultra-soft simulated leather. They are designed to cover the entire ear to maximize sound quality as well as prevent sound leakage. The multi axis folding mechanism allows the Matrix 3 to fold flat for storing in a bag or the denim carrying case that is included.

What’s Included

Other than the headphones they also come with their stylish denim carrying case, micro-usb charging cable, stereo cable and user manual.

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