Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones Rock

If you are not familiar with Marshall they have been designing and manufacturing amplifiers and speaker cabinets since 1960. They are praised for their standard of quality and sound. It’s no surprise that the brand has been releasing their own headphones and even cell phone the last few years.

The Features

The Marshal Major II Bluetooth headphones are pretty much the same as the Major II’s just wireless. You are still going to get the 40mm Dynamic Drivers, Frequency range and all of the same internals with the added benefit of it being bluetooth and being able to operate for 30 hours on one charge. The analogue control ¬†allow you to play, pause, shuffle and adjust volume. You can also control phone functions with just a few simple clicks. You can make these wired by using the included 3.5 mm cable and it does come with a USB charging cable.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth Rock

The Design

I really enjoy the vintage look that the Major II’s have going for them. The layouts of the button really make them easy to navigate without having to take them off. While I do like the overall design comfort is not its strongest points. For glasses wearers this may not be the best headphone to wear for more than an hour. They do look cool though and the sound is impressive, as you would expect from Marshall.


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