bluedio t3 dummy

Bluedio T3 headphones $29.99 on Amazon’s Deal of the Day

bluedio t3Looking through Amazon’s Deal of the Day is like looking through a toy store. It’s even better when a truly awesome product has a great deal on it. While there are a lot of major players in the bluetooth headphone game Bluedio in my humble opinion provides some of the best value for the price. These are a great bluetooth headphone option for those that want to be cordless. On a full charge they can last a couple of weeks with every day use.

The T3’s are built great. Their alloy frame makes the headphone durable and strong. The headphones provide dynamic sound quality with rich bass. This is largely due to their 57mm titanizing diaphragm drivers. Comfort is no issue here either. They are padded with soft memory foam and feel comfortable even after long wearing.

bluedio t3 3d

The 3D sound effect feature equipped with the T3’s allow the listener to submerse themselves in movies. While some may see it as a gimmick their truly is a difference once activated. The microphone is crystal clear and does a great job at blocking out excess noise.

You can pick up the Bluedio T3’s at Amazon



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