Best Headphones for Sleeping or ASMR

Best Headphones for Sleeping or ASMR

Sleeping with music can be a great way for those with sleep disorders to rest easy at night. Others just love listening to their favorite music before drifting into dreamland. If you aren’t listening to speakers a comfortable headphone is a must.

Whether you are attempting to achieve ASMR or just wanting to relax before bed we have provided our picks for the best headphones for sleeping in mind.

What you want to look for?


Since you will be sleeping in these for 6+ hours it is important to choose a headphone that is comfortable. Keep in mind how and where you sleep. Different headphones can feel differently when sleeping in different positions. Headphones that feel great while laying in bed may feel different when sleeping upright on a long flight.

Wired vs. Wireless

Wireless for most is the preferred choice for sleeping but wired can be suitable as well.  While wireless does give you freedom from the chord wired headphones do not have to be paired to a device, can be cheaper overall and doesn’t need to be charged.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones Contour Series CozyPhones Sleep Headphones Contour Series

CozyPhones are very popular in the sleep and kid headphones market, making a range of products all focusing around comfort.

The Contour Series is an ultra thin headphone that has mesh lining to help keep headphones in place while sleeping. The speaker is removable so you can wash the sleep band after many uses. The unique contour shape dips below the ear and keeps the headphones from shifting. For those that are constant movers and turners when they sleep, this is a great benefit. These are wired and have a 52 inch cable.

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Langkou Washable Wireless Headphone with Sleeping MaskLangkou Washable Wireless Headphone with Sleeping Mask

Langkou combines their headphones with a sleeping mask. This combination is idea for those that have a hard time sleeping with outside or ambient light.  The headphones are bluetooth capable and can synch up with your android and ios devices. It is washable as well. They have a built in mic for phone calls, but the mic isn’t the best in my honest opinion. The side controls make it easy to skip tracks and turn up music.

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Best Headphones for Sleeping or ASMRBedphones Gen. 3 On-Ear Sleep Headphone

The Bedphones are very thin. They boast at being the thinnest headphone in the world being only 1/4″ thick.  When laying on a pillow or soft surface they feel as if they are not there. The earhooks are made from rubber coated memory wire which you can adjust to fit your ear. These are ideal for travel as well since they are thin and won’t look as odd as wearing a headband. The wired headphone has an inline mic and single button remote for phone calls and music playback functions.

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AcousticSheep SleepPhonesAcousticSheep SleepPhones

Like the CozyPhones the AcousticSheep SleepPhones is a pair of thin headphones in a comfortable headband. They are also machine washable and the speakers are removable. These are wired with a cable about 4.2 feet. The headphones are comfortable and fit very close to the head so you do not have to worry about the headphone slipping off while sleeping.

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AGPtEK Ultra Soft Comfortable Wired Sleep Headphones Eye Mask with Built in HD Audio SpeakerAGPtEK Ultra Soft Comfortable Wired Sleep Headphones Eye Mask with Built-in HD Audio

AGPtEK’s headphones come with a built in eye mask. They do a great job at blocking out light. The built in speakers are HD and can be repositioned as needed. The adjustable fasteners on the headphone also make it easy to adjust to any size of head. They are built with a 4.92 ft braided chord and has a volume adjuster. The great thing about AGPtEK is they have a 30 day money back policy if the headphones do not work out for you.

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Other comfortable traditional headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic‘s are an option as well. The above listed are great if your main purpose is sleeping, meditating or just 100% relaxation.

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