Batband is a futuristic ear free headphone

Headphone innovation has been at it’s highest in the last few years. We have been introduced to a lot of unique products that have reshaped how we look at headphone design and quality.

Batband is a futuristic ear free headphoneBanana Things released a kickstarter to secure funding for their ear less headphones BatBand in 2015. BatBand is a minimalist designed band that sits on our skull and provides the listener sound through Bone Conduction. Bone Conduction harmlessly conducts sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. The transducers in the headphone produce acoustic waves that are perceived by the cochlea. This allows for your outer ears to be free.

BatBand is wireless and you can control the headphone functions with just a swipe of your finger. Changing tracks, volume, and taking phone calls can all be done on the headset and is fairly simple to control.

Batband is a futuristic ear free headphone

There is also a free app that you can install on your phone to enhance your BatBand experience. The app allows you to create personalized settings, check batter level, and equalize music.

Batband is a futuristic ear free headphone

Right now BatBand is scheduled to hit stores in July with a retail price of  $270. If you pre-order however you can get them for $199. You can pre-order BatBand and learn more HERE

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