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Apple Airpods: Are they worth it?

When Apple decided to remove the headphone jack from it’s latest iPhone customers knew they would have to either join the ‘dongle’ life, buy headphones with the lightning jack or acquire bluetooth/wireless headphones. While the Apple owned Beats do have wireless headphones the Apple AirPods are Apples first Bluetooth headphone.

With much anticipation they were scheduled for a December 2016 release but were pushed back due to raising fears over technical issues. Now that they are out the question is: Are they worth it?

The Design

They look like the AppleEarpods just without the chord. The great thing about these headphones is, like the Earpods, they stay secure in your ear for day to day use. This may not be the best headphone for exercising as they tend to slip out of the ear once the wearer begins to sweat. As anticipated they are very light and you can forget that they are in your ear. Some of those may also have to get used to the look of earbuds that truly are not attached to anything.

Apple Airpods

The Sound

The Airpods are very comparable to other bluetooth headphones on the market. They offer clear sound quality for both phone calls and audio playback. It has just enough bass to balance out the mids and highs. If you are looking for a deep bass earbuds then there are better options.

The mic clarity is amazing and does a great job at cancelling background noise when speaking over the phone. You can also hear recipients very well.

The Features

These are chalk full with a lot of cool features. The Airpods are automatically on and will automatically connect to your device once properly set up. You can also double tap the Airpods and they will give you quick access to Siri. The case that comes with the buds are also a charging case and give you up to 24 hours of life with the charging case. Standalone the Airpods get about 5 hours of life on a full charge. They will work with any bluetooth devices so even if you do not have an Apple product you still can enjoy them with your bluetooth capable device.

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Are They Worth It?

For $159 I do believe the AirPods are worth it. I say this especially for the Apple fans out there. They have a nice design for fitting, are truly out of the way without chords, and I really like how the case houses and charges the AirPods.


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