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AIAIAI Builds Headphones based on Spotify

Have you ever wanted to create a headphone specifically for your taste in music? I know I have. Well AIAIAI has created a ‘build your own’ headphone. AIAIAI (love typing that) allows customers to visit their site and pick between their options of headbands, speaker units, earpads and cable.  Before you do that however you can use their Discovery function. Discovery connects to your Spotify and chooses the best headphone set up based on your music. AIAIAI Builds Perfect Headphone Base on your Spotify Playlist.

The Details

AIAIAI Builds Perfect Headphone Base on your Spotify PlaylistIf you aren’t familiar with Spotify’s discover playlist check it out. It provides you a new playlist every week based on the music you already listen to. Personally I love it and it always provides me with new artists and songs I may not have ever found. Once AIAIAI’s Discovery collects data from your Discover Spotify playlist it breaks down the genre, tempo, and mood from your playlist. From there it creates you the ‘perfect’ headphone for your listening habits.

You can create your TMA-2’s HERE

If you do not want to deal with all of the hassle of customization you can also just buy the TMA-2’s. There standard model has great quality and delivers rich sound. They are equipped with 40.0mm titanium coated drivers to reduce distortion designed with fully sealed drivers. The earpads are comfortable and cable locks securely in place in the headband. Overall these headphones are great for the the true sound fan. They may not look flashy but they make up for that with quality, customization and build. You can pick them up on Amazon.

Let us know your thoughts on the TMA-2’s if you have them.

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