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5 Celebrity Endorsed Headphones Worth A Listen

With Beats by Dre being very dominate and popular in the headphone world, some may think there are no other celebrity headphones on the market. Well not only is that not true but some of the other options are better quality and more budget friendly. Below are 5 celebrity endorsed headphones worth a listen.

1.Steve Aoki-SOL REPUBLIC 1293-00SOL REPUBLIC 1293-00 Steve Aoki Tracks HD

This EDSOL REPUBLIC 1293-00 Steve Aoki Tracks HDM superstar does a lot. From being one of the most successful djs out there to having his own restaurant, Mr. Aoki is a man of many talents. That is why it is no surprise that SOL just had to team with Steve Aoki for the Sol Republic 1293-00. The headphones are built with V10 high-definition sound engine speakers. They are fully-loaded with deeper bass, higher vocal clarity and crisp vocals. The 1293-00’s have a 3 button mic plus music control. What I like about these headphones is their durability. The FlexTech sound track headband has a 1,000 day guarantee. You can also interchange the headphone band which is good if you want to switch up your style at any point.


Find the Best Price - SOL REPUBLIC 1293-00 Steve Aoki Tracks HD

2. Bob Marley-House of Marley EM-FH033-MI Liberate XLHouse of Marley EM-FH033-MI Liberate XL

BoHouse of Marley EM-FH033-MI Liberate XLb Marley is a music legend. His brand of reggae still influences many of today’s top artists. The House of Marley EM-FH033-MI Liberate XL have a unique design and definitely stick out for it’s style. They are built with a 50mm dynamic moving coil driver with neodymium magnet. These are made up of multiple materials that assist with its sturdiness and durability. They have a stainless steel tactical design and include FSC certified wood. The ear cushions feel great on the ear for long time wearing. The chord is detachable and is a braided, tangle free cable with inline microphone and three button controller. One thing to note is that they come with a tight fit but the design lets you stretch them out for any size of head. These headphones are great if you want to jam out or have a small head because they tend to not fall of as easy as other headphones. They are good on the go with its collapsible design and the included carry bag.

Find the Best Price - House of Marley EM-FH033-MI Liberate XL

3. 50 Cent – SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent


SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent A great and affordable substitute for the Beats is 50 cent’s SMS audio street. In my humble opinion their design is better than the Beats and durability is on par if not better than Beats in their class. These are equipped with professionally tuned 40mm drivers and have enhanced bass. Passive Noise Cancellation is included which you wouldn’t really expect for a headphone at this price.





Find the Best Price - SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent

 4.Tiesto – AKG Pro Audio K167 TIESTO DJ Headphones

AKG Pro Audio K167 TIESTO DJ Headphones

AKG Pro Audio K167 TIESTO DJ HeadphonesI do feel as though AKG and Tiesto is the pairing of two great brands. Like Tiesto AKG provides quality and leaves an impression on their listeners. The AKG Pro Audio K167 TIESTO DJ Headphones are built with a 40mm driver. This allows for a solid bass foundation and higher sound pressure levels. Their design assists with noise rejection and are very comfortable. They aren’t just comfortable though. The XRP3 glass-fiber reinforced polymer parts give it great durability and a low weight. If you spend long times in the studio or listening to music then these would provide great comfort long listening.




Find the Best Price - AKG Pro Audio K167 TIESTO DJ Headphones

5. Ariana Grande –  Ariana Grande Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones Kitty


ariana-grandey-headphonesBrookstone introduced their wildly popular cat headphones this year. Upon their success they decided to team up with Ariana Grande for her version of the headphones. They are definitely an eye catcher with their external cat ears that are also speakers. They are wireless and will sync up to any Bluetooth enabled device. They have a built in microphone for taking calls. The accent lights on the headphones can be independently controlled. So you can literally change the color of your headphones to match your clothes. On one charge they last up to 5 hours of playing time.  This is one of the most unique headphone concepts I have seen endorsed by a celebrity.


Find the Best Price - Ariana Grande Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones Kitty

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